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Wash your clothes more efficiently and quickly with Kwesi Stores that presents a whole new collection of washing machine from well-known brands in Uganda. If you are looking for a washer that saves money and reduces water wastage, Kwesi Stores is the perfect place for shopping as it offers all types of washing machines online either a front-loading washing machines or top load washing machines. You can find various sizes of washing machines at Kwesi Stores such as washing machine 5 KG, washing machine 9 KG, washing machine 8kg, washing machine 7 KG and many more.

Amazing Offers on Washing Machines in Uganda!

Shop portable washing machine from Kwesi Stores to easily move it to any place you want. We’re offering a washing machine and dryer in one so you can wash your clothes and have them dry at the same time without the need to dry them in the fresh air. Save your energy and time by getting a new washing machine from Kwesi Stores which can wash huge loads in the shortest time possible. We have the best washing machine price in Uganda as we always care to provide you with reasonable prices and amazing products.

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Buy laundry machine from famous sources such as LG washing machine, Samsung washing machine, Bosch washing machine, Elekta washing machine, Beko washing machine, Hisense top loading automatic and many more. You can find all home appliances at our website. Get the best washing machine via Kwesi Stores

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