Types of Cookers Sold in Uganda and Why You Should Buy Them from Kwesi Stores Online shopping

types of cookers sold in uganda

Cookers are essential appliances for any kitchen, as they allow you to prepare delicious meals for yourself and your family. However, choosing the right cooker can be a daunting task, especially with so many options available on the market. In this article, we will explore the different types of cookers sold in Uganda and why you should buy them from Kwesi Stores online.

Gas Cookers

Gas cookers use gas as the main source of heat for both the hob and the oven. They are popular among many Ugandans because they offer:

- Instant and precise heat control, as you can adjust the flame size and intensity easily.

- Lower running costs, as gas is cheaper than electricity in most areas.

- Better cooking results, as gas cookers produce moist heat that prevents food from drying out.

Some of the disadvantages of gas cookers are:

- They require a gas connection and a cylinder, which can be inconvenient or unsafe if not installed properly.

- They can be harder to clean, as food spills can clog the burners or drip into the oven cavity.

- They can be affected by power cuts, as some models need electricity to ignite the gas or operate the oven fan or light.

Some of the best gas cookers in Uganda are:

  1. Blueflame Spark 50*50, FULL GAS, P5040G-B - Black, Auto Ignition
  2.  Sano 55X55 Full Gas Cooker With Rotisserie - Black
  3. Global Star Double Infra Red Burnerr Gas Stove Stainless Steel GS-206IR - White

Electric Cookers

Electric cookers use electricity as the main source of heat for both the hob and the oven. They are popular among many Ugandans because they offer:


- Easy and safe operation, as you don't have to deal with gas cylinders or open flames.

- Even and consistent heat distribution, as electric cookers use fans or elements to circulate hot air or radiate heat.

- Various hob options, such as ceramic, induction or solid plate, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.


Some of the disadvantages of electric cookers are:


- Higher running costs, as electricity is more expensive than gas in most areas.

- Slower heat response, as electric hobs take longer to heat up or cool down than gas burners.

- More maintenance, as electric cookers may need regular servicing or repairs due to their complex components.


Some of the best electric cookers in Uganda are:


- Blueflame Spark 50*50 2 Gas Burners +2 Electric Hot Plate P5022E-B - Black

- Electrolux 90cms 5Gas Burners & Electric Oven Cooker EKK925A0OX- Silver

- Hot Plate Single Electric Burner - White,black

Dual Fuel Cookers

Dual fuel cookers combine gas and electric features in one appliance. They usually have a gas hob and an electric oven, giving you the best of both worlds. They are popular among many Ugandans because they offer:


- Versatility and flexibility, as you can choose the most suitable heat source for different cooking tasks.

- Energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, as you can use gas or electricity depending on their availability and price.

- Improved cooking performance, as you can enjoy the benefits of both gas and electric cookers.


Some of the disadvantages of dual fuel cookers are:


- They require both a gas and an electric connection, which can be complicated or costly to install.

- They can be more expensive to buy than single fuel cookers, as they have more features and functions.

- They can be more difficult to operate, as you have to switch between different controls and settings.


Some of the best dual fuel cookers in Uganda are:


- Blueflame C5031E-B- 3 Gas + 1 Electric Plate Gas Cooker & Oven 50*50Cm - Black

- Saachi 2 Gas + 2 Electric Hot Plates Stainless Steel Table Top - Black

- Blueflame Blue Flame Two Gas + Two Electric Upright Oven, 50x50cm - C5022E-B - Black


 Why You Should Buy Cookers from Kwesi Stores Online


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