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Smartec Electronics, is home of premium quality electronic consumer brands. Smartec is authorized official distributors of HISENSE, CHANGHONG, SMARTEC and HUAWEI Mobile devices. With a full and wide range of electronics from; LED Televisions, Smartec refrigerators like the smartec 160 liters double door, Microwaves, Dishwashers, Air Conditioners, Phones, we continue to offer high technology and innovation to the Ugandan market.

  1. Refrigerators are important because they keep our food cold. Without them we wouldn’t have ice-cream or smoothies, or even cold, juicy apples. You would have to go to the grocery store daily just for cold food. Without keeping your food cold, your food would rot
  2. It means being able to safely consume meat beyond a few hours from purchase. It allows for keeping fresh food fresh or even enjoying leftovers. With longer safe-consumption periods, it’s better for your home’s budget as well as the planet’s health`


– Similar foods should be stored on the same shelves as it gets easy to find them and will also reduces the time duration for which the fridge remains open.

– Things that we need the most should be stored at eye level so that it’s easy to find them.

Where to buy Smartec fridges

Buy smartec fridges or refrigerators on Kwesi Stores. Make your orders and we will have it delivered right to your door step. We also have a wide selection of home appliances like washing machines, dish washers, kitchen appliances like cookers, microwaves, mini ovens etc. Enjoy quick deliveries and flexible payment options while shopping with us

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