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Hisense, Your Reliable Partner Aspiring to become the most reliable brand in the world with more than a century of brand heritage, it aims to continually pursue scientific and technological innovation in hopes to improve overall quality of life and bring happiness to millions of families like yours. And it is proving to be one of the top brands in the Ugandan electronics consumer space. Hisense works to bring to closer consumer electronics like the Hisense refrigerators in various sizes, washing machines in different capacities, television sets, air conditioners and very many more appliances for businesses and home use.

why you should have a Hisense refrigerator or Fridge

  1. Hisense refrigerator make it easy when it comes to Storing foods at cold temperatures slows the growth of microorganisms, thereby limiting food poisoning while preserving food’s nutritional qualities and good taste.
  2. Maintaining refrigerated foods at a low temperature helps firstly to slow the growth of microorganisms, thus reducing the occurrence of foodborne illness, and secondly to retain the nutritional qualities of food. The effectiveness of the cold chain depends not only on the refrigeration temperature but also on maintaining it at a constant level. Read all our tips for optimum use of your refrigerator.
  3. Hisense refrigerators comes in different capacities large and small which make them budget friendly and also offer space to store food for a longer with out going bad.

Where to buy Hisense refrigerators in Uganda

On Kwesi stores we offer best prices on Hisense refrigerators such as the Hisense single 120 liter mini single door fridge and many more. Order for your for Hisense fridge today from our collections and we will deliver it right away. Pay cash on delivery in Kampala or mobile.

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