Kwesi Stores is an online shopping platform focused on sourcing, delivering, providing 100% authentic products and best shopping experiences In Uganda.

At Kwesi Stores, we source genuine products from your favorite brands such as Hisense, LG, ADH, changhong and more in various categories like mobile phones and tablets like infinix Tecno, Samsung smartphones, oppo smartphones, Itel, refrigerators, deep freezers, televisions, kitchen & home appliances, washing machines, tablets and more, negotiate best prices, from best sellers are around Kampala.

We have best dicounts on cookers, display fridges, networking Equipment, phone accessories, home cooling systems, and more

At Kwesi Stores Kampala, we make these products available for customers who visit our platform looking for them.

Great Discounts

A Kwesi Stores, we know our customers are always looking best and competitive discounts for their essentials: We offer just that because we want to keep you returning for more

Quick Deliveries

We offer quick someday deliveries around Kampala and surrounding areas to ease our customer shopping experience by offering convenience and have them keep coming back to Kwesi Stores

Online Support 24/7

Our customer care agents are always available to assist you do your shopping smoothing. Send us that inquiry whenever you need to because we do not judge. Treat yourself

What do we do?

We offer best shopping offerings at competitive discounts from your favourite brands like Hisense, samsung, LG, infinix, ADH, newal, blueflame and more
At Kwesi Stores we have that verified under our standard review with 100% assurance of receiving hat you have ordered from our online platform.

Our Mission

Our mission is contributing towards the success of online shopping experiences in Uganda and leave our customers satisfied

History Of Us

Kwesi Stores, No. 1 online retailer in Uganda was established in May 2020 with the aim and vision to become the one-stop shop for retail in Uganda with implementation of best practices both online and offline.

Why choose Kwesi stores Kampala for your shopping?

Kwesi Stores; Only accepts payments through mobile money transactions on our verified mobile phone numbers for orders from customers up country and as well conveniently pay cash on delivery with in Kampala and nearby areas

Please Note; be with the exact amount for the purchased product in Uganda shillings(UGX) because, our delivery agents may not be with change.

To make our customers’ shopping easy and affordable to everyone, we source for a wide selection of shopping offers, with highly competitive discounted prices.

For every offer running on our platform, products prescribe in that particular deal, do not last long.

Everyday we provide products with amazingly good discounts selected for you.

Don’t miss any chance to make your purchase from Kwesi stores today.

We provide a range of product warranty as prescribed on per product.

We value each and every product we sell on kwesi Stores, the product company warranty provided on each product is considered.

NOTE; Product warranty is altered in case the product is damaged beyond what the prescribed warranty notice provide.

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