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Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd. commonly known as Changhong is a Chinese consumer electronics company based in Mianyang, Sichuan, and founded in October 1958 in the same location. It is the second-largest manufacturer of televisions in China. Changhong also delivers to the market the changhong chest freezers, washing machines, refrigerators, Air conditioners and is also being one of the top brands in Uganda.

Why you should buy a changhong chest freezer

  1. Changhong Chest freezers allows you ample space to take advantage of storing seasonal berries and jams, to freeze bulks of meat together with the daily consumable items and make-ahead meals. Chest freezers offer several benefits to the user regarding price, storage capacity, and energy.
  2. These chest freezers come with built-in sidewall insulation to hold their cold temperatures well for a longer period and therefore use least-energy to function. Most importantly, if you are facing power outages or you are moving to another house, an unplugged chest freezer can keep the products cold for almost three days, as long as the lid is closed. The marketplace is filled with a wide selection of chest freezers. The reason for this kind of differentiation could be attributed to the energy effectiveness rating of such chest freezers together with thriving functional characteristics which make life less difficult for the buyers.

Where to buy the changhong chest freezers

Select from a wide range of our Changhong chest freezer selection. Make your order we will take the responsibility to deliver it right to where you prefer. We also have changhong televisions, washing machines, refrigerator and other electronics.

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